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All GIA Reports Digital by 2025

Since 1931, we have protected consumers with our research, standards and reports.

Now, we want to protect the very earth that gives us the treasures we grade.

By taking our reports digital
annually, we save:

Tons of paper
Tons of plastic


The Report You Trust
Now Fully Digital

Paper to Digitgal Transformation

The GIA Diamond Dossier® is the first report going digital, unfolding 2023.

Access it anytime, anywhere with the touch of a finger. Send it, save it, scan it with a QR code.


The GIA App

Experience diamonds like never before.

  • Verify that your diamond has an authorized GIA report by pairing the GIA App with the GIA Match iD.

  • Save and organize reports, or create a diamond wishlist.

  • Get brilliant about the 4Cs via videos, articles and interactive tools.

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