The Future is Crystal Clear: AI to Revolutionize Diamond Clarity Grading at GIA

When diamonds meet artificial intelligence, brilliance happens. Diamonds — billion-year-old carbon crystals; and cutting-edge machine learning — the GIA AI clarity system has arrived.

GIA and IBM Research have joined forces, combining human expertise with machine precision to elevate diamond clarity grading to new heights of automation, speed and consistency.

With the new GIA AI clarity system, the stones’ digital images are sent up to the cloud and compared to an expansive database of diamond grading information provided by GIA. The AI then computes a clarity grade.

Clarity — determined by a diamond’s inclusions and blemishes — impacts diamond quality, value and durability. It is also the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of diamond grading. GIA, with nearly a century of diamond-grading experience and boasting more than 2000 diamond graders evaluating millions of stones each year at 11 laboratories worldwide, has brought its knowledge to bear on easing this process and advancing diamond grading even further.

Diamond grading, especially of small stones, will quickly become more efficient, allowing GIA to provide affordable, expert diamond grading services to clients that need them.

Diamonds, GIA, AI. This is just the beginning.