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GIA iD100® Gem Testing Device

The GIA iD100® gem testing device combines advanced spectroscopic technology and more than 60 years of GIA diamond and gemstone identification research to deliver a sophisticated and easy-to-operate desktop instrument to screen your stones. Small, yet powerful, the GIA iD100 gives you a simple and clear determination in under two seconds and an unrivaled accuracy that lets you get on with business confidently.

Brilliant Features

  • Natural v. Laboratory-Grown v. Simulants

    The GIA iD100 distinguishes simulated and laboratory-grown diamonds from natural diamonds. It is able to test colorless to near-colorless, blue-to-green and brown diamonds.

  • Most Accurate. Most Advanced.

    Not all UV diamond testers are created equal. Rather than using UV light, which can lead to false readings, the GIA iD100 uses fluorescence spectroscopy - one of the most accurate and advanced technologies available to determine if a stone is natural.

  • Test Mounted Jewelry with Pinpoint Accuracy

    The GIA iD100 was designed with a probe that is easily manipulated to reach every diamond in mounted jewelry. Due to the small, pinpoint size of the probe, you can test diamonds as small as 0.9mm in diameter.

  • Quick Results - No Interpretation Needed

    No graphs, colors, reference charts, or data to interpret to determine if your stone is a natural diamond or not. In just two seconds you get a simple "Pass" for natural diamonds and "Refer" for stones that need more testing.


Free software. Fast servicing.

Stay up to date with the latest software from GIA. When improvements are made to the GIA iD100, we send updates free of charge so you can update your software remotely, saving you the trouble of sending in your device. If your device needs servicing, most services can be completed same day so you get your device back fast.


Pink Diamond Software Upgrade

The GIA iD100® Pink Diamond Software Upgrade is an add-on to the device available for purchase that utilizes the advanced spectroscopic technology, combined with GIA's pink diamond identification research, to distinguish natural pink diamonds from laboratory-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds, diamond simulants and natural diamonds whose pink color is introduced by treatments involving irradiation and annealing.


The Research Behind the iD100®

The GIA iD100® employs highly-sensitive spectroscopy technologies to detect trace amounts of lattice defects in diamonds. After a systematic study of natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds, colored diamonds and diamond simulants we determined the differences to ensure accurate stone identification. The portable device is non-destructive to stones and was created to be quick, highly reliable, and with broad applications to address the needs of the trade.

Small but powerful, the GIA iD100® is the instant and accurate key to diamond disclosure.


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