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Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: Updates and Identification

DATE: Thursday, April 16th at 10:00 a.m.

Diamonds are made of tetrahedrally-bonded carbon atoms that give them the highest hardness, molar density and sound propagation velocity of any natural material on Earth. These unique properties make them significant in the technology sector, but also produce the beauty and rarity that make them among the most sought-after gems.

The demand for such a versatile and valuable material has led to rapid advancements in diamond growth technology in the last decade. GIA senior research scientist, Mike Breeding, PhD, delves into HPHT and CVD diamond growth processes and how UV fluorescence patterns, phosphorescence reactions, and diamond inclusions are among the many clues that help researchers separate natural from laboratory-grown diamonds.


Dr. Mike Breeding is a senior research scientist at GIA. His area of research and expertise is in natural and synthetic diamond defects, treatments and color origins.


Matthew Tratner currently serves as director of global business development for GIA. Tratner has over 15 years of jewelry industry experience that spans retail sales, manufacturing, e-commerce, publishing and marketing.