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The Unique Story of Natural Diamond

DATE: Thursday, April 9 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Witnesses of Earth’s history, diamonds are the perfect time capsule. Millions, or even billions of years old, they formed deep within the Earth, from beneath the crust of old continents to Earth’s deep mantle.

Follow research scientist, Dr. Evan Smith, as he explores the origin of natural diamonds and discusses their significance from the perspective of Earth science. What do these ancient treasures tell us about our planet? How did legendary diamonds such as the Hope or the Cullinan form?

Fueled by decades of research, GIA’s new webinar—The Unique Story of Natural Diamond—uncovers the clues hidden within the world’s most popular gem.



Dr. Evan Smith, GIA research scientist, is an expert in diamond geology. His work centers around diamond inclusions and what they reveal about the evolution of the Earth.